2017 Breeding Memo

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Place semen requests by phone, email, or text!

1. Call: 717-638-7100 2.

Email: [email protected]

3. Text: 717-309-2105


• Call-in time for USA breeders is BEFORE 7am on collection days. You are welcome to call in the afternoon/evening prior to collection day, but in no case later than 7am.

• Call-in time for Canadian breeders is BEFORE 3pm the day prior to collection. The USDA appointments must be scheduled a day in advance.

• Breeding season starts on Monday, February 6th and ends on Saturday, July 1st.

• Collections are completed Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

• The pick-up time is 11am.


• AIRPORT COURIER: We offer an in-house courier service for shipments flown from the Harrisburg Int’l Airport for $175 per semen container.

• PICK UP: You do not need to provide a shipping container or leave a trade-in. We are not responsible for scheduling, coordinating, payments, or errors arising from third-party courier services.

• FEDEX/UPS: Overnight shipping is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Saturdays are pick-up only. You must have your own FedEx/UPS account number; we will not allow the farm’s account to be used. You are encouraged to contact your carrier regarding delivery times in your area and if Saturday deliveries are available.

• TRANSIENT/TRAILER BREEDING: We MUST have vaccination and negative Coggins records PRIOR to the mare’s arrival. No exceptions; mares without paperwork will be turned away at the gate. Please call before 7am on the collection day to schedule an appointment.


The collection/processing fee is a flat $150 ($200 for Canadian mares) fee. We require payment of the processing fee prior to the shipping or pick-up of semen. Please have your credit card ready the first time you make a request. We will only process one credit card per semen request, so please determine which owner will be responsible for the charges prior to calling. You may also “prepay” using checks mailed to our Pennsylvania farm. Semen requests will not be processed unless you have sufficient prepayment on your account.


• If you are using email or text to place an order, we must have all account information (shipping address, FedEx/UPS account number, credit card, etc.) on file. In your email/text, please include the Mare/Stallion and how you plan to obtain semen. Example: Much Madness/Ponder. Pick-up. If you do not receive a confirmation email/text within 15 minutes, please call to ensure that your message was received. We may still call you if information is unclear or missing.

• We will not accept requests on back-to-back breeding days. Please allow at least one day in between requests for the same mare. All mares are limited to two (2) breedings per heat cycle.

• If your mares are boarded at a farm other than your own, please be sure that the barn manager is aware of our policies and procedures.