Hip # Name Sex Color Sire Dam Price Buyer
130 Spectrum Colt Bay A Rocknroll Dance Somwherovrarainbow Pacer $
133 Covenant Colt Bay Sweet Lou Monkeys Can Sing Pacer $
150 Forecast Colt Brown Cantab Hall Downpour Pacer $
159 Frosted Filly Bay Father Patrick Boccone Dolce Trotter $
176 Razors Edge Colt Bay Sweet Lou Naughtytiltheend Pacer $
188 Hydration Filly Brown Somebeachsomewhere Just Add Water Pacer $
204 Ever After Filly Bay Sweet Lou Polar Oppostition Pacer $
207 Altercation Filly Bay Cantab Hall Glide Power Trotter $
220 Bayonet Colt Bay A Rocknroll Dance Belle Boyd Pacer $
228 Apocalypse Colt Bay Father Patrick Religulous Trotter $
244 Sensation Filly Bay Father Patrick Magic Feeling Trotter $
32 Classic Colt Bay Sweet Lou Allstar Rating Pacer $
330 Plasma Colt Bay Father Patrick Jupiter Trotter $
331 Cadence Colt Bay Somebeachsomewhere Ive Got Rhythm Pacer $
339 Cruise Filly Bay Sweet Lou Gettingreadytoroll Pacer $
343 Paradigm Filly Bay Cantab Hall Muscle Amour Trotter $
352 Revival Filly Bay Muscle Hill Four Starz Lindy Trotter $
354 Allegory Filly Bay A Rocknroll Dance Live Entertainment Pacer $
372 Pendleton Colt Bay Sweet Lou Apple Pacer $
39 Expedition Colt Bay Muscle Hill Formula Bluestone Trotter $
390 Skater Chick Filly Bay Sweet Lou Ram Rocker Pacer $
448 Tangent Filly Bay Cantab Hall Fraction Trotter $
476 Hard Limit Colt Bay A Rocknroll Dance Babette Hall Pacer $
478 Major Obsession Filly Bay A Rocknroll Dance Major Crush Pacer $
483 Vapor Filly Bay Donato Hanover Gasoline Trotter $
5 Tandem Filly Bay Father Patrick Danica Trotter $
510 Dead Bolt Colt Brown Credit Winner Hips Dont Lie Trotter $
511 Edge Of Eternity Filly Bay A Rocknroll Dance Margin Blue Chip Pacer $
543 The Forge Colt Bay Donato Hanover Sister Sammy Trotter $
56 Sir Caro Colt Bay Captaintreacherous Loving Caroline Pacer $
8 Warrior One Colt Bay Father Patrick Yoga Trotter $