2021 Breeding Contract

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Mare Information



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2020 Breeding Information

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Last Bred Date: Projected Foaling Date:

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FedEx or UPS *(Must be on file before semen is shipped): Account #:

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* Southwind Frank and Father Patrick are SAME DAY ONLY and DO NOT ship

Paid Booking and Breeding Contract

Agent/Owner: (hereinafter “Agent/Owner”) agrees to breed

Mare: (hereinafter "Mare") to Stallion: (hereinafter “Stallion”) for the duration of the 2020 Northern Hemisphere Breeding Season using Artificial Insemination of fresh semen, and to pay a fee: (hereinafter “Stud Fee”) upon the Mare’s production of a live foal, to be defined as any foal that stands and nurses independently.

The Agent/Owner certifies and agrees to the following:

  1. The Mare is in good health and sound breeding condition. Agent/Owner has no reason to believe the Mare is unable to achieve and sustain a pregnancy that results in a live foal.
  2. The mare shall be made available for breeding to the Stallion through June 30th, 2021, or until pronounced “in foal” by a veterinarian. Should the Mare become unfit for breeding, the Agent/Owner will supply to Diamond Creek Farm a veterinary statement giving the reason for change in condition within 3 business days of the change. Failure to make the Mare available through June 30th, 2021 or to provide the veterinary statement will result in a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the Stud Fee.
  3. The Stud Fee is due and payable to Diamond Creek Farm within 24 hours of the Mare producing a live foal, as defined as a foal that stands and nurses independently. Agent/Owner is responsible for paying all Federal, State, and Local taxes. Failure to pay the Stud Fee within 30 days of the Mare’s production of a live foal will void any discounts or specials previously offered.  Any Stud Fees paid after September 1st, 2022 will be considered late and discounts will be voided and will revert to the full 2021 advertised fee.
  4. The Stud Fee is due and payable immediately if the Mare or recipient of the Mare is leased, offered for sale, or if ownership of the Mare is otherwise changed.
  5. Stud Fees are non-refundable, no return, and no guarantee under any circumstances. Once paid, the Agent/Owner forfeits any right to request a refund of the Stud Fee, or a return booking in subsequent seasons.
  6. Should the Stallion die or become unfit for breeding before servicing the Mare, this contract shall become null and void. Diamond Creek Farm has sole discretion in determining the fitness of the Stallion, and may refuse to breed any Mare by transported semen.
  7. Diamond Creek Farm is not responsible for any changes in stakes conditions to be made by the sponsors of such stakes at any time.
  8. The 2021 Diamond Creek Farm Breeding Memo has been received and reviewed, and forwarded to the person(s) responsible for placing semen orders. The Agent/Owner agree to adhere to all policies and procedures listed therein.

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