Four Starz Lindy

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  • broodmare
  • Bay
  • Four Starz Lindy (2003-2019, T, 3, 1:54.3M   $152,155)
    The beginning and the end are hard to predict, it’s what happens in the middle that matters.
    The wind through my mane and the softness of my hooves hitting the endless fields of green is all I experience now. The soft warm sun on my dappled bay coat and plenty of people around to provide comfort is all I need. I am running with the angels and all is good.
    My name is Four Starz Lindy and I was foaled on March 11th, 2003. Born at Lindy Farms and raised on their hallowed grounds, I was sold as a yearling for $16,000 and spent the next two years proving them all wrong. I ended up earning $152,155 in 14 starts as a three year old and was subsequently retired. I changed hands one more time and ended up in my forever home. I provided Diamond Creek Farm with 4 foals who all made it to the races before I was retired to a life of luxury due to physical ailments.
    Some might describe me as standoffish while others who know me well would call me friendly. It depends if you were asking mares like Loyal Opposition and Shes A Great Lady or Gina Dailey and her family. To my brethren I was cold and aloof while to those who mattered most, I was inquisitive, kind and sweet. I think some thought I possessed human like qualities. Sometimes I think I might have even understood what was being said about me and to me. For all the kindness bestowed upon me, I gave it back in spades. I was thankful that as I got older and my hips and hind legs starting bothering, I was dutifully retired and not asked to bear the weight of more foals.
    If those who loved me believed I carried human characteristics, Ill end my eulogy with a quote that encompasses my feelings on life. “Be the person (or horse) that makes others feel special. Be known for your kindness and grace”
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Performance Record

Race Record

3 14 3 3 2 $152,155 1:54.3
TOTAL 14 3 3 2 $152,155 1:54.3

Produce History

Year Foaled Name Sire Sex Earnings Record Yearling Sale $
2016 Revival Muscle Hill Filly $30,925 1:58.3 $52,000
2012 Starzinner Credit Winner Colt $25,250 1:54.1 $62,000
2011 Downpour Donato Hanover Filly $16,550 1:56.4 $165,000
2010 American Gangster Andover Hall Colt $167,264 1:54.4 $101,000