• Armbro Goal
  • Baltic Holiday
  • broodmare
  • 1993
  • (1993 , T, 3, 1:56.2M $311,387 )

    (Affectionately known as Wheezy or Darth Vadar)

    The year is 1995 and the September weather is perfect. My groom has worked tirelessly to get us ready for today. On my way to the track they wish us luck; the competition is stiff, but I am not worried. I do not worry about anything; I stay focused with my eyes on the prize. I start out slow so, I can pace myself. I let the other fillies think I am no match for them. They say my short stature is nothing to get excited about. I sit mid-pack until the ¾ mark; that is when I really turn it on. I go to the outside and do what my trainer has taught me. I put my head down and hit the gas until they call my name, “NOIFSABOUTIT!” as I cross the finish line. We are headed to the winner’s circle where they throw the cooler on me that says CHAMPLAIN STAKES MOHAWK RACEWAY. I am excited as the crowd roars. We are about to go back to the paddocks to celebrate my win and suddenly I snap out of it.

    The year is actually 2020 and I am at my forever home in Carlisle, Ky. It has been 25 years, but I remember that day as if it just happened. I am reminded of the winner’s circle when Gina puts my fly sheet on in the summer. I am reminded of my groom in the paddocks when Gina’s daughter, Faith, brushes as far up my legs as she can reach. I still do not worry about anything in my old age, I know where I fall in the herd with the other retired mares and I am happy. I no longer compete for first place, but I will never forget the successful life I led. I earned $300,000 on the track and mothered 10 foals. My body is not what it used to be, and I may need to get an extra nap in during the day, but that will never stop me from dreaming about the good ol’ days.

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Performance Record

Race Record

2 11 5 1 3 $111,414
3 18 4 5 4 $199,973 1:56.2
TOTAL 29 9 6 7 $311,387 1:56.2



Produce History

Year Foaled Name Sire Sex Earnings Record Yearling Sale $
2012 Yawkey Way Muscles Yankee Filly $9,120 1:59.2 $40,000
2011 Rarely Wrong Andover Hall Filly $13,580 2:00 $20,000
2009 Say What Andover Hall Filly $45,792 1:58.4 $43,000
2008 Precisionist Muscles Yankee Filly $80,000
2007 Nodoubtinmymind Conway Hall Gelding $38,213 1:58.3 $40,000
2006 No Ifs Here Conway Hall Filly $75,390 1:58.4 $72,000
2004 Peyton Way Conway Hall Gelding $80,240 1:58.4 $135,000
2003 Carmita Malabar Man Filly $30,929 1:59.1 $55,000
1999 Boom Pine Chip Gelding $252,851 1:52.1 $170,000
1998 Pardon Me Super Bowl Colt $234,918 1:54.3 $35,000