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Breeding season officially kicks off next week, so we wanted to take the time to welcome our 2018 interns. Taylor Johnston joins us from Westerville, Ohio.  She grew up on the racing side of the industry, having been around many different... Read More
2018 BREEDING MEMO: Pennsylvania Stallions Place semen requests by phone, email, or text! Call: 717-638-7100 Email: [email protected] Text: 859-967-3240 ***NEW number for 2018*** DATES AND TIMES Call-in time for USA... Read More
  What is the difference between the Breeders Fund program and the Sire Stakes? The Breeders Fund benefits the owner of the mare when she is bred to the stallion.  The Breeders Fund is a percentage of qualifying purses earned by the... Read More
Exciting opportunity for college students looking to break into the equine industry! Foaling Internship: January 2018-July 2018 Responsibilities, included but not limited to: Foaling out mares and providing initial care to newborn... Read More
The Shuttle Stallion series returns this edition with a focus on some of the paperwork and testing that has to be done before our stallions can actually be shipped overseas. For this article, we talked with Dr. Courtney Pink and Rachel Keeney,... Read More
This episode of “Meet The Staff” features one of our Kentucky employees, Meagan Cyrus. Meagan is a farmhand at our Kentucky farm, who has been with us for almost 2 years, after first working for Diamond Creek in Pennsylvania as a foaling... Read More
In this month’s Meet The Staff, we introduce you to Emily Gross. Emily started at Diamond Creek a year and a half ago as a foaling intern, and is now working as our overnight foal watch during the season and in the barn on the off... Read More
Continuing our Meet the Staff series, next up is a very important member of the team, our resident veterinarian and Pennsylvania farm manager, Dr. Courtney Pink. We are very fortunate to be able to have a full-time vet at the farm, and Dr. Pink... Read More
In the next few issues of this newsletter, we will focus on "Shuttle Stallions" and try and answer some questions that many readers have about the whole process of shipping a stallion Down Under, from choosing to send a stallion to the paperwork and... Read More
Diamond Creek Farm threw its third annual open house on June 3, at their Wellsville, Pa., location. "The Open House is a way for us to welcome the community and all the fans to our farm," said Diamond Creek’s Adam Bowden. "Many people never get... Read More