Hip Name Sex Color Sire Dam
Ohio 012 AB Brightlight colt Bay What The Hill Oaklea Odessa
Ohio 233 AB Ideal filly Bay McArdle World Of Her Own
TBA Bermuda filly Bay Always B Miki Allstar Rating
Ohio 079 Ants Marching filly Bay Downbytheseaside Passionate Beauty
TBA Lullabye filly Bay Father Patrick Bedtime Story
Ohio 214 Bettorbytheseaside filly Bay Downbytheseaside Shelly's Delight
Ohio 270 Bittrsweetsymphony filly Bay Well Said Just Too Spoiled
TBA Blood Oath filly Bay A Rocknroll Dance Blood Diamond
TBD Lex Symmetry colt Brown Southwind Frank Blue Diamonds
TBD Lex Evade filly Bay Chapter Seven Boccone Dolce
Ohio 023 Coastal filly Bay Downbytheseaside Pink Camo
Ohio 095 Terminator colt Bay Downbytheseaside Crescent City
TBD Lex Instinct filly Bay Father Patrick Donatela Lightning
Ohio 246 Exit Plan colt Bay Downbytheseaside Live Wire
TBA Barrier colt Bay Sweet Lou Fable
TBA Baptism filly Bay Southwind Frank Fall From Grace
TBD Lex Fantasy Life filly Bay Downbytheseaside Tea Time
Ohio 211 Ferretti colt Brown Creatine Ferrari Of
TBA Divide filly Bay A Rocknroll Dance Geometry
TBA Binary filly Bay Always B Miki Ginger And Fred
Ohio 174 Motto colt Bay Creatine Glide Power
Ohio 034 Merit filly Bay Creatine Grand Cameron
TBA Reception filly Bay Father Patrick Grand Canyon
TBD Lex Villain colt Bay Muscle Hill High Heels
TBA Boston colt Bay Sweet Lou Hollyrocker
TBA Broadway filly Bay Always B Miki I Luv The Nitelife
Ohio 104 Jillian M filly Bay Creatine Sally Savannah
TBA Breach filly Brown Muscle Hill Katniss
TBA Acrimony filly Bay A Rocknroll Dance Kryptos
TBD Lex Samurai colt Bay Walner Letsjustalkaboutme
TBD Lex Horizon filly Bay Somebeachsomewhere Live Entertainment
TBD Lex Missile colt Bay Father Patrick Magic Feeling
Ohio 200 McTeague colt Bay Mr. Wiggles Dawg's Buddy
TBD Lex Ramses colt Bay Southwind Frank Michelles Angel
TBA Heist colt Bay Father Patrick Miss Paris
TBD Lex Totality filly Bay Southwind Frank Miss Tezsla
Ohio 053 Catamaran filly Bay Downbytheseaside Monkeys Can Sing
Ohio 102 Moscow Mitch colt Bay Downbytheseaside Wicked Intentions
TBA Acoustic colt Bay A Rocknroll Dance Music City
TBA Justice colt Brown Chapter Seven Religulous
Ohio 221 RiseNShine Seaside colt Bay Downbytheseaside Vivid Shine
TBD Lex Vicious colt Brown Somebeachsomewhere Satisfy My Soul
TBD Lex Threshold colt Bay Sweet Lou See You At Peelers
TBD Lex Violence colt Bay Muscle Hill Shes Gone Again
Ohio 042 Sleepwithoneyeopen filly Bay Well Said Fava
Ohio 172 Sling Shock colt Bay Downbytheseaside Shocking Beauty
Ohio 056 Snapagram filly Bay Creatine Creampie Hanover
TBD Lex Graceland filly Bay Always B Miki Someomensomewhere
TBD Lex Multiply colt Bay Chapter Seven Spectacular Bay
TBD Lex Quarrel filly Bay Always B Miki Summer Mystery
TBD Lex Vogue filly Bay Father Patrick Swan And Only
TBA Bethlehem filly Bay Southwind Frank Swan Hot Mama
TBA Bound filly Bay Captaintreacherous Sweetest Emotion
Ohio 182 Twenty filly Bay Well Said Hula Shuffle
TBA Brisbane filly Brown A Rocknroll Dance Way Bettor
Ohio 202 Well Maxine filly Brown Well Said Real Lady Katie
TBA Balance filly Brown Bettors Delight West Of L A
TBA Bozeman filly Bay Always B Miki Western Montana