Ohio Jug

Hip Name Sex Color Sire Dam
OH 109 Addition filly Bay Downbytheseaside It Can Happen
OH 141 Amaretto Sour filly Brown Downbytheseaside Major Crush
OH 090 Anchor Point colt Bay Creatine Grand Cameron
OH 040 Attention Span colt Bay Downbytheseaside Caramel Kissed
OH 051 Cousin Van colt Bay Uncle Peter Contender Hanover
OH 061 Dancing On Glass filly Bay Downbytheseaside Dreaming Aliina
OH 030 Diamondsbythesea filly Bay Downbytheseaside Black Diamonds
OH 262 Downwiththesandman colt Bay Downbytheseaside True Beauty
OH 136 EA Miss Beachy filly Bay Downbytheseaside Lucky Lady Hill
OH 245 EA Syndicate colt Bay Downbytheseaside Sweet Millie
OH 258 EA Yankee Hustle colt Brown Yankee Cruiser Timmylynn
OH 255 Gillette colt Bay Lather Up Tea Time
OH 019 Gone Coastal filly Bay Downbytheseaside Take Heed
OH 193 High N Dry colt Bay Lather Up Pink Camo
OH 209 Katies Up filly Bay Lather Up Real Lady Katie
OH 101 Loves Creation filly Bay Creatine I Love Lindy
OH 094 Seaside Lady filly Bay Downbytheseaside Twin B Heartland
OH 008 Sup colt Bay What The Hill UF Annka Sister
OH 097 Unbridled Fury filly Bay Fear The Dragon Balestra Hanover
OH 134 Up The Game colt Bay Lather Up Love The Game

Lexington Selected

Hip Name Sex Color Sire Dam
LEX 505 Accessory filly Brown Greenshoe Culmination
LEX 165 Acronym colt Bay Captain Crunch Ginger And Fred
LEX 082 Activation colt Bay Father Patrick Repentance
LEX 301 Alliance colt Brown Always B Miki Allstar Rating
LEX 640 Amen filly Bay Captain Crunch Satisfy My Soul
LEX 782 American Rule colt Bay Always B Miki Apple
LEX 635 Amsterdam filly Bay Sweet Lou Someomensomewhere
LEX 108 Angel filly Brown Muscle Hill Swan Hot Mama
LEX 453 Animation filly Bay Always B Miki Hollyrocker
LEX 030 Antarctic filly Brown Father Patrick Piranha Fury
LEX 218 Arson colt Brown Captaintreacherous Western Montana
LEX 713 Assertive Style colt Brown Captain Crunch Naughtytilltheend
LEX 446 Astronomy filly Brown Captain Crunch Fine Art
LEX 466 Asylum filly Bay Captain Crunch Cryptogram
LEX 585 Audible colt Bay Father Patrick Yoga
LEX 204 Australia colt Brown Sweet Lou Harpswell
LEX 632 Basin Street Blues colt Bay Kadabra Cantabulous
LEX 227 Blood Bond colt Bay Captain Crunch Blood Diamond
LEX 709 Carryin Beers filly Bay Bar Hopping Creampie Hanover
LEX 612 Cubana Bop filly Bay Lazarus N Artist Rocker
LEX 736 Daylights Daughter filly Bay Cantab Hall Mistress Valentine
LEX 090 Design filly Brown Always B Miki Darlinonthebeach
LEX 362 EA Pengemager colt Black Sweet Lou Zane Hanover
LEX 424 Embrace The Future filly Bay Tactical Landing Keystone Turquoise
LEX 141 Express Pac filly Bay Six Pack Express Justice
LEX 535 Fenicia IT filly Bay Face Time Bourbon Mania
LEX 456 Fobia IT filly Bay Father Patrick Gasoline
LEX 601 Freedonia IT filly Bay Greenshoe Grand Idea
LEX 423 Lord Ritchie colt Bay Tactical Landing Paige Hanover
LEX 903 Nocrynintheuber colt Bay Downbytheseaside The Bomb Dottie
LEX 826 Nine One Oh Six colt Bay Lather Up Passionate Beauty
LEX 342 Ponda Behemoth colt Bay Stay Hungry Thou Shalt Not
LEX 747 Pursuance colt Bay Six Pack Chelsee's A Winner
LEX 678 Sapphirerainstar filly Brown Walner Spectacular Bay
LEX 817 Seaside Delight colt Bay Downbytheseaside Another Delight
LEX 559 Silent Lucidity filly Bay Bettors Delight Uffizi Hanover
LEX 751 Summit filly Brown Cantab Hall Redwhitenbluestone
LEX 220 Sweetroll filly Bay Sweet Lou Gettingreadytoroll
LEX 729 Thissideofmidnight colt Bay McWicked John's Sunny Girl
LEX 869 Twenty Five colt Bay Downbytheseaside Hula Shuffle
LEX 781 Widespread Panic colt Bay Muscle Massive Frenzie De Vie
LEX 352 Woodside Harmony filly Bay Greenshoe Qiss Me Blue Chip
LEX 625 Woodside Holly filly Bay American Ideal Beach Story

Standardbred Horse Sale

Hip Name Sex Color Sire Dam
TBA A Miracle Crunch filly Bay Captain Crunch Annie's Delight
TBA Belle Brielle filly Brown American Ideal Gianna's Delight
TBA Belmar colt Bay Bettor's Wish Major Frost
TBA Cantabs Joy filly Bay Cantab Hall Traviata
TBA Captain Eight colt Bay Captain Crunch Not Before Eight
TBA Charlie Parker colt Bay EL Titan Sari Maki Hanover
TBA Crowd Strike filly Bay Always B Miki Thecrowdiswatching
TBA Diamonds Diamonds colt Bay Father Patrick Blue Diamonds
TBA Flamenco Sketch colt Bay Bettor's Delight Talbot Channel
TBA Fortunia IT filly Bay Tactical Landing Upfrontlucky Carol
TBA Geocentric filly Bay Sweet Lou Geometry
TBA Got Your Six colt Bay Six Pack Noble Lover
TBA Gotthisonewish colt Bay Bettor's Wish Got This One Hanover
TBA Helen Of Troy Road filly Bay Six Pack Sesame
TBA Jansbarandgrill filly Bay Bar Hopping Collagio
TBA Lazar Sharp colt Bay Lazarus N Dancin Lucille
TBA Miki Grace filly Brown Always B Miki Ravishmasterpiece
TBA Miki In Luv filly Bay Always B Miki Lovers Dream
TBA Patricks Tank colt Bay Father Patrick Tigers Tank
TBA Ronno colt Bay Walner Donatela Lightning
TBA Rydingtothewire colt Bay Bettor's Wish Seashell Hanover
TBA Silky Rich gelding Bay Always B Miki Simplyirresistible
TBA Singingintherain colt Bay Always B Miki Carousel

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