Hip Name Sex Color Sire Dam Breed
TBA Trend filly Brown Father Patrick Miss Tezsla
TBA Allstar Rating ’18 filly Bay A Rocknroll Dance Allstar Rating
TBA Core filly Bay Always B Miki Apple
TBA Belle Boyd ’18 colt Bay A Rocknroll Dance Belle Boyd
TBA Blood Feud colt Bay Somebeachsomewhere Blood Diamond
TBA Blue Diamonds ’18 colt Brown Creatine Blue Diamonds
TBA Cant Stop Me Now ’18 filly Bay Somebeachsomewhere Cant Stop Me Now
TBA Toffee colt Brown Sweet Lou Caramel Kissed
TBA Crescent City ’18 colt Bay Sweet Lou Crescent City
TBA Capstone colt Brown Southwind Frank Culmination
TBA Lawless colt Bay Southwind Frank Danica
TBA Fable ’18 colt Bay Always B Miki Fable
TBA Circuit colt Brown Creatine Filly At Bigs
TBA Theorem colt Bay Southwind Frank Formula Bluestone
TBA Adjacent filly Bay Always B Miki Geometry
TBA Instantaneous colt Bay Always B Miki Gettingreadytoroll
TBA Ginger And Fred ’18 colt Bay A Rocknroll Dance Ginger And Fred
TBA Grand Cameron ’18 colt Bay Bold Eagle Grand Cameron
TBA Zion filly Bay Father Patrick Grand Canyon
TBA Impression filly Brown Creatine Grand Idea
TBA Hollyrocker ’18 filly Bay Always B Miki Hollyrocker
TBA Drought filly Brown A Rocknroll Dance Just Add Water
TBA Aces filly Bay Father Patrick Lets Bet Her
TBA Parody colt Bay Southwind Frank Letsjustalkaboutme
TBA Live Entertainment ’18 colt Bay Always B Miki Live Entertainment
TBA Fallen filly Bay Father Patrick Michelles Angel
TBA Avignon filly Brown Creatine Miss Paris
TBA Octave colt Bay Always B Miki Music City
TBA Hoax filly Bay Sweet Lou Naughtytiltheend
TBA Parable filly Brown Creatine New Testament
TBA Dazzle filly Brown Creatine Sassy Syrinx
TBA Indulge colt Bay Sweet Lou Satsify My Soul
TBA Toronto colt Bay Always B Miki See You At Peelers
TBA Primary colt Bay A Rocknroll Dance Somwherovrarainbow
TBA Bacardi colt Bay Southwind Frank Strawberry Wine
TBA Summer Mystery ’18 filly Bay A Rocknroll Dance Summer Mystery
TBA Swan And Only ’18 filly Brown Creatine Swan And Only
TBA Swan Hot Mama ’18 filly Bay Muscle Hill Swan Hot Mama
TBA Ultimate Cameron ’18 colt Brown Creatine Ultimate Cameron
TBA Briar filly Bay Sweet Lou Whetstone Hanover