Ohio Jug

Hip Name Sex Color Sire Dam
OH 146 Badger colt Bay Downbytheseaside Allstar Rating
TBA Apple Martini filly Bay Downbytheseaside Apple
OH 214 Betterbythesea colt Bay Downbytheseaside Bettertime
TBA Amelia Island filly Bay Downbytheseaside Caramel Kissed
OH 237 EA Mushu filly Brown Fear The Dragon Right Stuff
OH 208 Aqueduct filly Bay Downbytheseaside Gettingreadytoroll
TBA Grand Revival colt Bay Creatine Grand Cameron
OH 207 Hysterical filly Bay Downbytheseaside Hollyrocker
TBA White Claw colt Bay Downbytheseaside Just Add Water
OH 197 Notre Dame filly Bay Downbytheseaside Monkeys Can Sing
OH 251 Navy Babe filly Bay Fear The Dragon Save Your Best
OH 041 Nuclear Armed colt Bay Pet Rock Nuclear Light K
OH 278 Willy Squire colt Bay Mr. Wiggles Nurse Pie Q
OH 066 Ants Marching colt Bay Downbytheseaside Passionate Beauty
OH 271 Seaside Tina filly Bay Downbytheseaside Posey Tina
OH 156 Smaug De Vie colt Bay Fear The Dragon Jetta Blue Chip
OH 224 Willy D colt Bay Downbytheseaside Spring Delight
OH 135 Vintage filly Brown Creatine Swan And Only
OH 157 Tan Man colt Bay Downbytheseaside John's Sunny Girl
TBA Love Potion filly Bay Always B Miki Whetstone Hanover

Lexington Selected

Hip Name Sex Color Sire Dam
TBA American Seaside filly Bay Downbytheseaside American Girl
TBA Battlefield colt Bay Sweet Lou Belle Boyd
TBA Seuss colt Bay Southwind Frank Bedtime Story
TBA Blood Shed colt Brown Sweet Lou Blood Diamond
TBA Burst filly Brown Walner Blue Diamonds
TBA Bond filly Bay Southwind Frank Boccone Dolce
TBA Carry The Day colt Brown Father Patrick Winning Missbrenda
TBA Gatlinburg filly Bay Sweet Lou Crescent City
TBA Altitude colt Bay Southwind Frank Culmination
TBA Cyclelist filly Bay Southwind Frank My Pink Bike
TBA Cynical filly Bay Chapter Seven Hyperbole
TBA Daddyfrank colt Bay Southwind Frank Collagio
TBA Flaunt filly Bay Southwind Frank Donatela Lightning
TBA Dreaming Aliina ’20 colt Bay Downbytheseaside Dreaming Aliina
TBA EA Audit filly Brown Roll With Joe Perfect Story
TBA EA Packin Baby filly Bay Lazarus N Pistol Packin Baby
TBA EA Royal Flush colt Black Sweet Lou Zane Hanover
TBA EA Tax Break filly Black Betting Line Pure Prize
TBA Exile filly Brown Walner Swan Hot Mama
TBA Express Man colt Brown Southwind Frank Express Justice
TBA Father You Owe Me colt Brown Father Patrick Pay Me Sister
TBA Cultured filly Bay Captaintreacherous Fine Art
TBA Gold Coast F ’20 filly Muscle Hill Gold Coast F
TBA Tombstone colt Bay Southwind Frank High Heels
TBA I’m Amused filly Bay Muscle Hill Amuses
TBA Macau colt Brown Walner Lets Bet Her
TBA Mamba colt Bay Sweet Lou Loving Caroline
TBA Transform colt Bay Southwind Frank Miss Tezsla
TBA Montana Mik colt Bay Always B Miki Simplyirresistible
TBA My Nay Nay filly Bay Captaintreacherous Well Sweet Flashy
TBA My Paterfamilias colt Bay Father Patrick Sweetie Hearts
TBA Never Forget Me filly Brown Fear The Dragon Remember When
TBA Patrickslilanover filly Bay Father Patrick Devoutly Hanover
TBA Sacrifice colt Bay Father Patrick Religulous
TBA Rise filly Bay Lazarus N My Drag Queen
TBA Scorn filly Bay Always B Miki See You At Peelers
TBA Seaside Party filly Bay Downbytheseaside Marty Party Two
TBA Seven Colors colt Bay Stay Hungry Rainbow In The Dark
TBA Larceny colt Bay Always B Miki Someomensomewhere
TBA Southern Patricia filly Bay Father Patrick Winning Beauty
TBA Nation filly Bay Southwind Frank Strawberry Wine
TBA Sweet On Her filly Bay Donato Hanover Sweetsixteenkarats
TBA Swirly Winds filly Bay Southwind Frank Striking Gold
TBA VO Show colt Bay Always B Miki Lady In Pink
TBA Windydayatthebeach filly Bay Downbytheseaside Sapphire Breeze
TBA Woodside Gearshift colt Bay Chapter Seven Fireworks Hanover

Standardbred Horse Sale

Hip Name Sex Color Sire Dam
TBA Americansongwriter colt Bay American Ideal Gurl Band K
TBA Beach Winner colt Black Lazarus N Chocolate Beach
TBA Beau’s Best colt Bay Always A Virgin Xtra Desire
TBA Beautiful Lights filly Bay American Ideal Nuclear Rays
TBA Constantina filly Bay Always A Miki Terrortina
TBA Dundee’s Sneaky colt Bay Kadabra Sneeker Hanover
TBA Exodus filly Bay Always B Miki Eden
TBA Fire N Lighting colt Bay Bar Hopping Cantabs Lighting
TBA Horizontal filly Bay Always B Miki Geometry
TBA Give Him A Rope colt Brown Chapter Seven Lass A Rope
TBA Hawkish colt Bay Always B Miki Native Flower
TBA Hunts Flower filly Bay Huntsville Sunset Cruise
TBA Hunts Flower filly Bay Huntsville Sunset Cruise
TBA Magic Hush colt Brown Kadabra Quiet Snow
TBA Matthias Z colt Bay E L Titan Massive Drama
TBA Mikiteen filly Bay Always B Miki Miss Tap Tina
TBA Miss Hanna Huner filly Bay Always B Miki Hilarious Hayley
TBA Open Bar colt Bay Bar Hopping Lady Sierra Gold
TBA Perfect Patrick colt Bay Father Patrick Perfect Summer
TBA Songs In The Wind colt Bay Southwind Frank Pleasure's Song
TBA Speech Easy Bar colt Bay Bar Hopping Sweet Mademoiselle
TBA Upwind Spunk filly Bay Southwind Frank Uptown Spunk
TBA Whenipullup filly Brown Always B Miki Hold It Hanover
TBA Wind N Water filly Bay Southwind Frank American Lassie
TBA Winnin Winds K filly Bay Southwind Frank Miz B Winnin

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