Client Rewards Program

Diamond Creek is pleased to announce the launch of our new client portal and rewards program.

If you sign up to become a member of our rewards program, your stud fee dollars will earn “Diamond Points”.  Breeders of 2019 will be the first to take advantage of this loyalty program.  When you pay your stud fee in 2020, the stud fee dollars will be converted to Diamonds, which can be spent in our store or saved up for a larger prize.

These Diamond Points can be redeemed in our online store for prizes, ranging from memorabilia, to stud fees, even trips to big race events such as the Hambletonian.

Prizes are updated frequently and are limited, so there will always be something new.

Other perks of the reward program include being able to check your invoices online, be part of our special offer mailing list and check mare last breeding dates.  As the program grows, more special features and perks will be added.

“We have had great support from a loyal set of breeders year after year,” said Diamond Creek’s Adam Bowden. “We wanted to develop a way to thank breeders for their loyalty to our studs and farm.”

If you already have a mare booked in 2019, you can sign up here for the rewards program here.

You must be registered at time of breeding for stud fees to count towards point values, and stud fees later then 60 days will not be eligible for points.