Meet The Staff

This episode of “Meet The Staff” features one of our Kentucky employees, Meagan Cyrus.

Meagan is a farmhand at our Kentucky farm, who has been with us for almost 2 years, after first working for Diamond Creek in Pennsylvania as a foaling intern.

Meagan first came to us after her senior year at Purdue. She saw the breeding internship on the school’s ag website and decided to apply. Meagan worked for Diamond Creek over the foaling season that year, helping with mares, foals and in the breeding shed. Upon completion, she was offered a full-time job, and as she says “I’ve been in love ever since!”

Meagan’s favorite part of the job is yearling prep season. Her typical day varies depending on the season. During breeding season, she helps with the mares and then during yearling prep, she will work an intensive schedule getting yearlings ready for sale.

“During yearling prep, I’ll bring in my assigned yearlings, feed them, put them in the gym, bathe and groom throughout the day, practice teaching my yearlings to set up for buyers and then I turn them out at the end of the day.”

Meagan’s favorite mares on the farm are Swan Hot Mama and Blood Diamond.

She has some animals of her own also, a sheltie and a llama. Meagan has actually shown llamas for 18 years, and wishes win the lottery so she can travel to Peru and the Andes Mountains, possibly to see more llamas.

The weirdest job she ever had was at Monkey Joes, which is an inflatable bounce house place, where she had to dress up like “Monkey Joe” himself, a giant purple monkey.

Meagan leaves us with her hopes for the harness racing industry, “I hope the industry continues to actively involve and educate the youth as they are the next generation to keep the industry going”