Meet The Staff: Dr. Courtney Pink

Continuing our Meet the Staff series, next up is a very important member of the team, our resident veterinarian and Pennsylvania farm manager, Dr. Courtney Pink.

We are very fortunate to be able to have a full-time vet at the farm, and Dr. Pink has been a great addition to the team since she started with us in December. Her responsibilities include everything involved with the breeding shed, as well as managing all the goings on in the barns and with all the horses on the farm.

Dr. Pink is originally from Simsbury, Connecticut. She originally got started working with Standardbreds while at Hanover Shoe Farms. She finds it hard to pick one aspect of the job as her favorite, but mentions neonatal medicine, breeding mares and collecting stallions as a start.

A typical day for Dr. Pink mainly depends on the season. During breeding season, she can be found in the breeding shed in the morning, followed by checking or breeding mares and then foaling at night.

Dr. Pink is a big fan of the harness racing industry, owning her own retired broodmare, On The Bones and 2 y/o trotter Holy Bones (On The Bones-Donato Hanover).

“I hope that the younger people get involved in any aspect they can so that the industry can continue to grow, prosper, and thrive,” she says when asked what she sees for the future of the industry.

Dr. Pink lives on the farm with her husband Joe, 2 dogs, Rocky and Lucy, and a cat, Mac. She would love to visit Paris someday, and her favorite mare at Diamond Creek is Swan and Only.