Meet The Staff: Rachel

This month’s Meet The Staff focuses on a very important member of the team, Rachel Keeney. Many of you have talked to Rachel on the phone or through email, so here is a chance to get to know the person behind the voice!

Rachel has been working in the office at Diamond Creek for almost 4 years now. She handles everything from stallion bookings, to staking and payroll. Really anything that needs to be done behind the scenes at a breeding farm, Rachel is in charge. Her organizational skills and creativity, along with her great personality, make her a valuable asset to the team.

“I got involved with Standardbreds through the farm’s job posting for a secretary. I thought I may not be considered because of my complete lack of horse-related experience, I previously worked for a company that owned rental properties, but here I am a few years later, loving the job, the horses, and the sport.”

“This would probably be considered the “weirdest” job I’ve ever had, I spend a lot of time talking about semen shipments and fertility results.”

Rachel has a cat named Darcy and is the co-parent of a 5-week-old lamb named Blizzard. She lives on iced coffee and can’t eat lamb chops.

As for her favorite stallion, Rachel says this is a tough one, but, “Based on looks and personality, it’s Ponder all day. But I love the way the breeders love Sweet Lou and his Baby Blazes (or Baby Blazeless); he’s got an enthusiastic fan base.”